10 Celebrity Trainwrecks (Feat. Dr. Christopher Metzler)

Celebrities have it all…beauty, fame, and even talent, but unfortunately fate is not always kind…so you mix that in with self destructive tendencies and addictive substances, and what you get is a catastrophe waiting to happen. So with that being said i’m Dr. Metzler and I welcome you to our list of 10 Celebrity Trainwrecks.

Dr. Christopher Metzler

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The List: “10 Celebrity Trainwrecks”

– Chris Brown
– Andy Dick
– Tara Reid
– Courtney Love
– Bobby Brown
– Amanda Bynes
– Lindsay Lohan
– Lamar Odom
– Charlie Sheen

Music: “No More Goodbyes” By Nine Diamond

10 Celebrity Trainwrecks


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