Black Thanksgivings: Which Hilarious Family Member Are You? [Quiz]

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we’re looking forward to it, especially after what has definitely been a rollercoaster year.

Nothing beats Black Thanksgivings! From grandma whipping up legendary dishes in the kitchen to the family OGs praying over the food and giving God thanks before everyone digs in, it’s a memorable time each year. It’s also entertaining and, depending on your personality, you either crave or detest the antics and shenanigans that are bound to go down.

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Thanks to the pandemic, 2020 comes with a different level of pressure and we’re expecting folks will be on their most hilarious behavior, eager to connect with their loved ones (in quarantine-friendly celebrations), flaunt their drip, and catch up if possible.

With that in mind, we created this quiz to see which hysterical family member you’re on track to becoming… because every Black family has that uncle, those aunties, and that one cousin who — well, you know. Dive in!

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