Corey Gamble Hits Split In Dance Battle With Tristan Thompson, Wins Twitter

Source: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

We weren’t ready for Corey‘s jelly when he hit a split (A WHOLE SPLIT) during a dance battle with Tristan Thompson on the private island where Kim K celebrated her now-infamous 40th birthday.

Gamble, who’s only a few weeks older than Kim K, immediately went viral after the must-see video hit the ‘net in the latest outtake from Kimmy’s lavish family getaway in paradise that blew up the internet.

In footage posted by his boo thang Kris Jenner, everyone is seen scampering around the beach in amazement after Corey inched closer and closer (and closer) to the ground before landing into a split.

Jenner captioned the video, “He really is a mood. HBD @coreygamble” and mentioned the split again in a sweet birthday post celebrating his 40th birthday.

We really shouldn’t be shocked that Kim and Corey are the same age but it is shocking nonetheless.

“Thankful for alll the Love today,” he wrote on Instagram in celebration of his special day. “Pulled up on 40 right.”

Oh, but he wasn’t done and posted a video of himself dancing on the beach.

What was your reaction to Corey’s dance battle split? Tell us in the comments and peep the viral video/Twitter hysteria over on the split-seen-round-the-‘net on the flip.

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