Flawless Real Talk Teams Up with the LIVIT App for Exclusive Concert 11/13 – The Hype Magazine

Rapper Flawless Real Talk will Perform LIVE on LIVIT Friday, November 13 at 9 PM PST / 6 PM PST 

We had the honor of catching up with Flawless Real Talk for an exclusive interview leading into performance night. Dive into it below!

How did you team up with the LIVIT platform?

LIVIT offered so much more than just a platform to perform, but a way to connect directly with my fans, a way to collectively give back and donate to charitable initiatives, and a way to help others build a platform to propel their careers as well. I’m looking forward to this new journey on LIVIT!

In the times of COVID, is this your first virtual performance?

I have been live streaming every week on the LIVIT app giving a behind-the-scenes look into what’s going on in my world, but this will be my very first live stream performance where the fans will be able to interact with me during the concert.

What do you love about collaborating with the LIVIT app to interact with fans, especially in these times?

Giving back to the community and those in need has always been very important to me, and I love that through LIVIT, fans can contribute to our charitable causes while enjoying the show. That’s something you won’t find out there on other platforms. The chat features are completely new and innovative as well with options to gift through custom animations and special coins.

What differences do you feel between in person performances and virtual performances?

Of course nothing can really compare to performing live and having the crowd there in person watching and enjoying the show, but live streaming on LIVIT is the next best thing as there are so many features that allow the fans to actually be a part of the show from the comfort and safety of their own homes. I miss being able to feel the energy that a live crowd gives me, but I’m excited for this new journey on LIVIT where I can take over the virtual stage.

What would you say is the advantage of teaming up with LIVIT to reach your fans for the concert?

LIVIT provides a much more personal experience for both streamers and users. The ways to communicate through the platform are unparalleled in comparison to others and it makes me feel like I’m back doing the free meet & greets and meeting all of the fans before my shows like I always loved to do.

How have you changed your set from going in-person to virtual?

Performing virtually will always require a few adjustments. The most important thing is performing songs that fit the right vibe, and right now I think it’s more about what you have to say rather than just trying to create a party vibe.

What surprises do you have up your sleeve for the show on Friday night? Anything you can share?

I’m so excited to get back to performing and doing a full show for the first time in months. We’re going to be doing a lot of giveaways to those tuning in and so much more. You’ll have to watch to find out!

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