The Untold Truth of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's Marriage | ⭐OSSA

Ellen DeGeneres’s story is fulfilled with drama and scandals, although Ellen has never given up on her way to happiness.

Before she created the Ellen Degeneres Show, Degeneres had to come through some real horrors because of Ellen coming out. But there is one more tragic story that happened with the star before Ellen Degeneres got famous with Ellen’s phone call to god. Ellen had a very traumatic relationship with a poet Kat.

Fortunately, when Ellen met Portia de Rossi, her troubles seemed to be finally forgotten. Portia and Ellen`s love for each other inspires and makes Ellen fans adore their idol even more.

The Ellen Show often invites Portia and that is how the most romantic Portia de Rossi interview was made. Today celebrities openly share Ellen and Portia’s love story, show pictures from Ellen and Portia wedding and do not get tired of breaking the rumors in entertainment news about Ellen and Portia kids.

The two are happy to be together with their pets and keep each other as a priority.

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