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Victorious series is finally back on Netflix! Do you want to find out about Victorious real-life couples?

Watch our video about Victorious love life! Here are the coolest details from real-life about your favorite characters like Beck and his girlfriend Jade and their friends Tori and cutty Cat.

Find out where is the Victorious cast now! Did you know that Victoria Justice who played Tori Vega was dating Cole Sprouse as a kid? Were you shipping Jade West and her on-screen boyfriend Beck Oliver?

Find out whether Avan Jogia and actress Elizabeth Gillies dated in real-life! Was Matt Bennett who played Robbie Shapiro dated Ariana Grande for real? What has happened to Cat Valentine in Victoria’s alternative Victorious finale!

Did you know that Leon Thomas III who portrayed Andre Harris has been writing music for Post Malone? Find out whom the cast of the coolest Nickelodeon show is dating while working on big projects!

Find out more shocking details about Daniella Monet who played Trina Vega and her pregnancy. Do you remember the Victorious website?

Find out what news about the life of the cast would be posted on Victorious! Let’s recall some of the funniest moments about Andre and other characters!

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