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Kevin Hart has another stand-up comedy special coming to Netflix. ‘Zero F*cks Given’ was filmed in the comedian’s living room and will hit the streaming service next week.

In a quick promotional video, Hart tells viewers his home is the only place he feels safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, so he turned it into a stage for his next Netflix offering.

“I want to explain to you guys why I’m in my house. I’m no longer comfortable anywhere else but my house. I’m in my f*cking comfort zone — I’m a let it fly today. Everything I f*cking feel, I’ma say,” he begins, going on to hilariously state he doesn’t think his kids’ private school respects his “level of celebrity.”

Apparently, when he was tossing around the idea of doing another special, his friends asked if he planned on talking about his wife and kids again. Kevin responds “What else do I have? All my b*tches left after the sex tape.” Clearly, he meant it when he titled the project ‘Zero F*cks Given.’

Watch the trailer up top and let us know if you’ll be tuning in. The special is due November 17.

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