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It’s a fact that for many, heading off to college is fraught with myriad challenges, from deciding on a degree to financial… More often than not, potential college students think about their major BEFORE deciding on a career path. The result can be multiple changes in major, extended time in school getting a degree that might have only taken a few years if the student had thought about the process differently. Enter the group at PATH2™ who help students look at things a bit differently…decide on your career path first and THEN craft your college path around that decision. In essence, the group offers a way to stop doing college backward. It’s really interesting stuff they are doing over there at PATH2 and we spent some time with Vice President and Partner Dave DesRoshers to find out more about the program, how they change the way we look at going to college and how we pair that with a career path.

Back Story – PATH2™ Vice President and Partner Dave DesRochers thrives on connecting with people and finding ways to be of service. He leads the business development and sales teams at PATH2. He’s also an exceptional public speaker. He shares inspiring lessons from his own life — and from PATH2 — with students, veterans, community groups, and business leaders.

Dave took a winding path to the organization: After lettering in football and basketball at San Diego State University, he played pro football for the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) and Montreal Machine (WLAF). Following a brief stint as an actor, Dave worked his way up from Junior Financial Advisor at Fidelity Federal Bank to Branch Vice President in just four years. He later founded and served as CEO of Fallbrook Investment Services, handling wealth management for individuals, businesses, and pension funds. Today, Dave serves on the boards of the California Council on Economic Education and Mission Sports. He’s also a mentor for the Hispanic 100 and VP of the NFL Players Association, Orange County Chapter. For more information, visit www.PATH2.net.


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