Discovering New Hip Hop Artist – Stacking Wisdom – 015 – Keelo D'Ville

Keelo is a musician, lyricist, creator, producer, actor and an entrepreneur. His new album released this summer is now available on all music platforms.
We talk about empowerment and the mental strength needed to get through everyday struggles in business and life. We talk relationships, medication, food, even touch base on some conspiracy theories.
One of the major talking points of our podcast is music and how it can affect, heal and inspire us to live a better life. Keelo D’Ville means to “kill the devil”. We discuss how the effects of growing up as a Christian and a music artist creates some conflict and misconceptions in people’s minds about what things an artist of a religious belief is expected to project.
We talk about the power of belief and how it affects us as people. New generation is on the come up and we talk about the power that new fresh minds and perspectives can have on the future of this country.

Keelo D’Ville – North Side (Music Video)

Northside “Out Now”


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