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Published on November 15th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby

From the streets of Los Angeles, comes a single whose hard-hitting message delivers a ‘shock and awe’ tactic to the hip-hop scene. Recording artist, rapper, and culture shaker, Felipe Luciano, brings Maybach Music Group and All Money In together on his latest single, “All I Ever Wanted.” The single features the label’s artists, Gunplay and Killa Twan, respectively. The single is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and SoundCloud.

With a razor-sharp beat and a bold cadence, Luciano delivers a compelling and unsparing recount of life growing up as a young boy of color in some of the biggest inner-cities. A wave of rage and resolution simmers just beneath the surface of his blasé bars, as Luciano breathes a crude testimony of the raw reality of at-risk youth – living a life selling drugs on the streets as the only option to achieve his version of the American dream.

“Dope and dope dealers is all we’ve ever seen, all we ever knew and all we ever wanted,” expresses Gunplay, “Until you the last man standing asking yourself, ‘was it worth it?’”

“All I Ever Wanted” offers an edgy composition of wobbling bass and theatrical piano notes that treads harsh reality and melancholy moods that are true to the peaks and valleys of inner city life.  The single delivers potent, in-your-face lyrics that make you re-examine your exposure to urban life and plunges you into a world of money, drugs, and the lust for the perception of life’s finer things.

“Growing up in the hood, from a child to an adult what the world has forced on us is this: drugs, violence and the belief that a kilogram would solve our problems,” comments Luciano. “We then grow to believe that there is no other way out. I’m just here to tell these youth that there is always another way out, and show the rest of the world the reality of what is happening.”

Hitting the world of hip-hop with a cosmic bang, the triple threat brought by Felipe Luciano, Gunplay, and Killa Twan shifts the way gangster rap is viewed, calling into question what the world imposes on inner-city youth.

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