J Holiday’s Interview Was Amazing!!!

J Holiday’s Interview Was Amazing. This music artist is truly gifted. Unfortunately,  that Def Jam did not give J Holiday his just due.

J Holiday speaks about his contract

J Holiday’s Interview was amazing. I was really impressed with J Holiday. The fact, J was willing to speak candidly about his career was refreshing. In fact, J’s interview with the hosts O’God and SamAnt was really great.

I think it is not very often that music artist reveal much. However, I got the impression that J was comfortable in his own space.

Especially, when J talked about how Def Jam did not put effort into advancing his career. And, J was quick to point out that he was not in the music business for the flash. In other words, some would consider J authentic. I tend to agree. I came up in an area where R&B music dominated the scene.

But when Hip Hop came on the scene it really resonated with young people. In doing so, Hip Hop kind of put R&B in the background, so to speak. Fortunately, R&B is still very relevant.

Not to mention, R&B is really the foundation in which Hip Hop is built on. Now, some Hip Hop artist may not agree. I beg to differ. One primary example, would be how a lot of hip hop artist sampled James Brown’s music.

Clearly, there is so bases for my analogy. Having said this, J Holiday reminded us all that the art is more important than the bling. You may not remember this, but J lashed out at some artist (Beyonce, SZA, and Cardi B) in 2018 in an interview by Billboard.

J believed that those artist for using their pain to garner sympathy in their songs. Of course, J did receive some backlash for his comments.

Be that as it may, J did have a valid point. We are a very diverse people who can sing about other things beside our pain. Would you agree?

Check out the video above for more details.

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