Loudness Then and Now

Listen to music today you will notice the difference between previous eras not but by the style but by the loudness. I listen to hip hop then and then hip hop now and the loudness is the glaring difference between them.

I never realized how loud music is today until I went and listen to some 80’s hip hop. Every thing was turned down by 10! It was a surprise to me. Most of the loudness comes from today’s low end.

The bass was always heavy and important to hip hop music so it only makes sense that as time goes by it only gets better. This is what happened. As music in the 80’s relied on purely analog gear today’s musicians are processing through digital means. This allows for less saturation which takes up less frequencies which in turn gives more headroom for clarity and the almighty low end.

They way that engineers are able to keep a balance mix while controlling the low end amazes me. If you listen to any of the Soundcloud era artist such as XXXtencion or Lil Uzi Vert or Playboy Carti you will notice these artist production has an insane amount of mostly distorted sounding low end. It creates intriguing harmonics beside the obvious thumb bash boom you first notice.

Most of the 808 samples used today are made to mimic the sound of the original tr808 machine. The producer today process and fatten up the drum to ring out and kick the listener in the chest each time the samples triggered. It is this creativity that has made the loudness possible as well.

I foresee in the future the music will continue to get louder as different techniques and technology allows for artist to make it so.

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