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Published on June 10th, 2021 | by Jimmy Star

A new class of digital entrepreneurs has shown this is attainable – despite many of us living an ordinary life saddled with debts, mortgages, loans, bills, and more.

While life can look pretty bleak from the cubicle or the factory floor, according to Junior Anthony, business coach and CEO of LiveSotori, this is a narrative that can be diverted to a life of prosperity and career fulfillment.

LiveSotori is an online experience that teaches people how to set up an online business and make money from home through affiliate marketing. Far from being a get-rich-quick scheme, it is an online course that comes with its own virtual family that you can always turn to for guidance and support. It is an online community that is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Junior has taken his years of lived experience in digital marketing and relationship development and created a two-day live workshop, which has guided hundreds of students into successful online businesses. All programs under LiveSotori come with tools and techniques that can be set up as a side business or a full-time job. More than 100 of Junior Anthony’s community have left their 9-5 rut and embraced life as an online entrepreneur.

During the worst days of the Covid pandemic when ordinary people were being ruthlessly laid off their jobs, LiveSotori and its community thrived.

Helping Ordinary People Break Free

“We aim to help ordinary people by giving them the skills and confidence to change their lives for the better and capture the dream of making money while working from home,” says Junior.

Junior’s programs first help students to break away from the ‘prison mindset’ so they can work effectively from home and generate income so they can live the life they choose away from the 9-5. This is quickly followed by a lesson in community and the importance of organic growth and building relationships.

LiveSotori delivers methods and strategies so students can find online opportunities for income while the community helps each other to avoid mistakes and other pitfalls.

“From the get-go, we work on how students control their own story. They can rewrite their narrative which ties into the ability to control the brain and the habits that control life. Our philosophy is grounded in honest hard work, serving others, and adding value, which are the best ways to build a successful online business with integrity,” Junior added.

Junior takes students step-by-step through an A-Z formula on starting your own online business or store via live Zoom workshops and classes that cover both beginner and expert methods.

Hundreds of LiveSotori graduates have built successful online businesses from e-stores to utilizing affiliate marketing. Many are earning five-figure incomes, and a raft of those students hit that benchmark within weeks.

Junior does not believe that entrepreneurs should operate solo and that the support from the community is what makes his business a seven-figure success story.

The LiveSotori family is a resource where lessons are learned daily and it helps members remain healthy, productive, and functional so they can stay focused on positive growth.

Junior knows a thing or two about breaking away from the chains of poverty.

From Homeless To $1,500 A Day

“I was homeless and living in a car in New York with just a dollar to my name. I was snowed into my car one night and woke up in a world of pain in my hands and feet. The car would not start because I fell asleep charging my phone which then killed my car’s battery. I was at rock bottom,” Junior said.

He then experienced a spiritual epiphany where he understood that he needed to cast out all self-limiting thoughts and excuses to not act on his entrepreneurial instincts. He opened his mind to complete acceptance that he was capable of attaining his dream future.

The vision was triggered by a webinar he watched, delivered by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani – who aims to raise the consciousness of all humans. The epiphany landed and he started to write his narrative.

“If I found it hard to believe that a client would pay $1,500 for my services, how could a client have confidence in giving me $1,500?” Junior asks.

As destruction creates life, Junior claimed control of and rebirthed as a can-do entrepreneur. Within hours he had landed a $1,500 client which led to another client and another.

Another major shift arrived when he was helping his friend find online opportunities in affiliate marketing. While mentoring his friend for free, a series of strangers asked for his help which led him to create LiveSotori.

“People do not value something free, which I saw first-hand while mentoring. Some took the advice. Many didn’t. So, I pulled my digital marketing strategies and client relationship building into several programs,” he said.

Supporting ordinary people into a life of financial freedom is now his mission. It is what drives Junior to get out of bed in the morning.

The Best Job I Ever Had

“When students reach that first $1,000 a day benchmark – some of whom have gone on to earn $5,600 in that same week – is so rewarding. It’s the best job that I have ever had,” said the in-demand speaker and business coach.

Like many entrepreneurs, Junior came from humble beginnings being raised in Brooklyn NY by his grandparents with an absent mother and a father in prison. He entered the music industry as a performer and writer, but he had zero domestic or financial stability. He spent years living in abandoned houses and on the street from the age of 16.

“I cultivated all of that pain into a powerful desire to succeed in life. I knew that homeless life and hustling were not for me. I took command of my life and I made it happen,’ Junior said.

Junior Anthony lifted himself out of poverty by acting on his beliefs to create a successful digital marketing business. His second realization was that giving your lived experience away for free served no one. It did, however, lead him to build a company that helps to get ordinary people into the online world, and his student’s success  has landed him a place among the global digital disruptors.









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