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Published on June 12th, 2021 | by Hype Editorial

Mokita and jav3x dropped a remix of the popular Mokita track “Sleepwalking.”

While we’ve long been a fan of Mokita, we are new to jav3x, an up and coming artist who splits him time between his hometown of Toronto and Los Angeles.

The song retains the vibe of Mokita’s original track but takes it in a new direction and we dig it.

jav3x originally came on the scene as a teen with a progressive house sound and earned over 600K streams but then took a four-year hiatus to rediscover himself and his style. He has remerged with a a more mature look and elevated sound that now also combines future bass, edm and pop. We also dove into jax3x’s most recent independent release “Die Young” and it’s clearly the the beginning of a new era.

He exclusively shared the art work for his upcoming track “Broken Wings” set to debut June 25th and confirms he has several original tracks debuting before end of year.

Stay tuned! Follow jav3x.

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