Young Thug Reveals Near Death Experience!!!

Rapper Jeffrey“Young Thug” Williams is still on a quest to become the richest black man. During his interview with Rolling Stones, Jeff Ihaza Young Thug talked about his near-death experience. Like many of us, Young Thug was forced to quarantine during the Pandemic.

Young Thug’s heart-to-heart interview with Rolling Stones 

The Atlanta rapper had his share of trouble throughout the years. His run-in with the law and his issues with using Lean was highly publicized. Back in 2017, Young Thug was facing felony drug and gun charges. In fact, Young Thug was hit with eight felony charges for possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, codeine, hydrocodone, Xanax, an amphetamine, and a firearm. Allegedly, police stopped the vehicle Young Thug was a passenger in because of tinted windows. During the stop drugs and firearms were found. Police mentioned that Young Thug had the intent to distribute the drugs.

His attorney Brian Steel was determined to help Young Thug clear his name. Later on, Young Thug was released. However, he violated his release by testing positive for drugs. When Young Thug was re-arrested he had some time to think. In a plea to the judge Young Thug wrote this,

“I’m sorry for disobeying court. I’m sorry for disobeying my PO and being there again.” I just want to go home with my family and do right.” Also, Williams admitted, over the last six days, I understand this is real life.” I have two sons, ages 10 and 11. I don’t want them to think that going to jail – even if you can get out right away – is cool. I want to grow, and I have grown. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve been penalized for them. I’m sorry, and won’t disobey again.”

Fortunately, Young Thug’s plea worked. He was shortly released. At this time, we don’t have more details about Young Thug’s case. Evidently, Young Thug has kept his promise. So, when Young Thug revealed he nearly died it was alarming. Especially, since we had no prior knowledge, he was sick. Although, he did not give details on what went wrong with his body. What he did share was an indication something serious had happened,

“I kinda just stayed in the bed and I was like, ‘Yo, call the ambulance. I can’t move my body,’” he said at the time. “Then later, when the ambulance came, I couldn’t get out of the bed. They had to get me out of the bed, basically. I felt like my whole body was numb and I couldn’t move. I went to the hospital and I had found out that I had liver and kidney failure. And I kinda had sorta passed away, like I kinda died.”

Luckily, Young Thug has recovered from his health scare. As the interview with Jeff IHaza went on Young Thug shifted the conversation to talk about his upcoming album ”Punk”. The rapper released a few songs on July 26 from the album.

Furthermore, Young Thug’s digital photo shoot with Rolling Stone put the icing on the cake. Overall, Young Thug appears to be focusing on his music, his family, and creating long-lasting wealth.

Check out the video above for more details.

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