BREAKING: C-Murder Is Fighting For His Life!

C-Murder is a No Limit rapper and brother to Master P. He has been in prison for life since 2009 for his role in the 2002 killing of Steve Thomas, 16, which he was convicted of. C-Murder, real name Corey Miller, has maintained his innocence from the beginning.

Now, following a series of major twists in the aftermath of his trial, the former TRU rapper claims there are sealed documents that hold the keys to his freedom.In a press release issued by his publicist on Wednesday (August 4), C-Murder alleges the existence of 31 concealed documents showing an illegal DNA cover-up that was not presented during his murder trial.

He claimed that his DNA was matched by the Combined DNA Index System database (CODIS). However, the District Attorney ordered that the genetic data be removed from the system and marked as a forensic mystery.

Miller wants a thorough investigation into the “corrupt practices that led to his current imprisonment” and that the media file a motion to have the 31 documents given to him and his legal teams. These documents are being held back by the courts.

C-Murder states, “Half of my life has been taken by the Louisiana Judicial System. It stops now!”

According to the press release, the No Limit rapper is being held at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He has started a hunger strike protesting the medical neglect he and others have faced since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says that inmates who have been positive for the virus have continued to be placed in dorms with COVID-19-negative inmates since the beginning of COVID-19. “This has not only spread virus, but also caused unusually long quarantine periods.”

He added, “While in quarantine, the inmates are under constant lockdown and are forbidden from leaving the dorm for fresh air. They are giving erroneous results and the tests they give are not up-to-standard. Many inmates have been diagnosed with conditions that weren’t properly treated, and many have died from the virus. #coreymiller #masterp #cmurder

“I believe the world and their loved ones should know what’s happening here.”

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